Arduino UNO R3 Board


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Freeduino is better option for students, trainers, faculties, professors, engineers, industries offer high quality affordable boards for Arduino IDE. Freeduino is inspired from open source Arduino platform specifications.Low price and highest degree of production quality are two main objectives of Freeduino.

Technical specifications

  • Microcontroller : Atmega328
  • Operating Voltage : 5V DC
  • Input Voltage (via DC Adapter) : 9V DC
  • Alternate input voltage source : USB connection
  • Digital I/O pins : 14 (of which 6 can be used as PWM output)
  • Analog input pins : 6 (with modification in code, these pins act as normal I/O pins)
  • DC Current Limit for I/O Pins : 40mA
  • DC Current Limit for 3.3V Pin : 500mA (if input voltage is sourced from DC adapter)
  • DC Current Limit for 3.3V Pin : 150mA (if input voltage is sourced from USB)
  • Switching between power sources : Manual Jumper Pin
  • Program Memory : 32KB onchip memory of ATmega328 (of which 0.5KB is used by bootloader)
  • SRAM : 2KB onchip memory of ATmega328
  • EEPROM : 1KB onchip memory of ATmega328
  • Clock Speed : 16Mhz
  • Mechanical Pin compatibility : with Arduino UNO R3
  • Board dimensions: 69mm X 55mm (Board is rectangular)
  • Mounting holes : Matching with UNO R3

1 Piece of Arduino UNO R3 Board.

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