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PCB Design is a Circuit Designing/PCB Designing workshop where you will learn about designing & making PCBs at home. The Workshop begins with a brief overview on basic electronics components and different packaging of electronic components to help you attain conceptualization about component selection during circuit designing and ends with making a PCB of the designed circuit. It includes a detailed study structure, delivered & demonstrated live by our experts on "How to build a Printed Circuit Board(PCB) at home"?.

Our main aim is to effectively impart the basic know-how of designing Circuit in CAD software like eagle and making a PCB at home.

We at ABLab Solutions would get you closer to the circuit designing and PCB manufacturing domain right from the fundamentals to its implementation in making different PCBs at home.

Our objective is to help the students to gain an overall knowledge of the applied technology, its functioning and implementations in real world. For present and future reference we provide ample productive materials like Sample Codes, Circuit Diagrams, Project PDF's, Header Files, Videos etc. focusing the subject and application areas of the technology which helps the students in successful prosecution of the technical concepts acquired.

Learning Outcomes

  • How to use Eagle CAD software tools
  • How to select components from Eagle Library
  • How to select a required package of a component
  • How to design a schematic diagram in Eagle
  • How to convert a schematic diagram to board/layout diagram
  • How to do routing in board/layout diagram
  • How to make a PCB from board diagram at home

Program Benefits

  • Clear your fundamentals on all the basics of PCB Designing.
  • Build & develop a PCB at home
  • Gain conceptual knowledge on Electronics Components, Component Packaging,
  • Schematic Diagram, Board, Routing, Gerber files generation, etc.
  • Get trained by experts
  • Awarded certificate on "PCB-Designing"
  • Live Demos and Interactive Question & Answer sessions
  • Get useful Materials

Course Outline

  • Introduction to PCB Designing
  • What is an Electronic Circuit?
  • Electronic Circuits in Colleges
  • Electronics Circuits in Industry
  • What is an Electronic Schematic Diagram?
  • What is a PCB or Printed Circuit Board?
  • Electronics Components and their Packaging
  • Steps in PCB Designing and Manufacturing
  • Eagle Software
  • Installation of Eagle Software
  • Control Panel of Eagle
  • Schematic Editor
  • Board/Layout Editor
  • Schematic Editor in Eagle
  • Grid and Grid Size in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Adding Components in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Component Search in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Moving Components and Wires in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Copying and Deleting Components and Wires in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Naming and Value assignment of Components in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Connecting different components and its pin in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Adding Texts in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • Adding Junctions in Eagle Schematic Editor
  • 555 Timer Circuit Schematic Designing in Eagle
  • Converting Schematic into Board in Eagle
  • Different Layers in PCB Board Editor
  • Routing and Rip-up in PCB Board Editor
  • Routing with different wire bends in PCB Board Editor
  • Routing with different wire width in PCB Board Editor
  • Rats nest in PCB Board Editor
  • Auto Routing in PCB Board Editor
  • Adding Text in PCB Board Editor
  • 555 Timer Board Designing in Eagle
  • Copper Clad Board
  • Printing the Layout on the Copper Clad Board
  • Etching of Copper Clad Board
  • Solder Masking of Etched Copper Board
  • Drilling of Holes


  • 555 Timer Circuit Schematic Designing in Eagle
  • 555 Timer Board Designing in Eagle
  • 555 Timer PCB Making

Kits Detail

  • Single Sides Copper Clad Board – 1pc
  • Ferric Chloride – 1pc
  • Hand Driller – 1pc
  • Drill Bit – 1pc
  • Soldering Iron – 1pc
  • Solder – 1pc
  • Flux – 1pc
  • Required Components of 555 Timer Circuit


  • Eagle CAD Software(Free Version)
  • Eagle CAD Software Installation Guide
  • Eagle CAD Software Tutorial
  • Eagle CAD Software Manual

Course Duration

The duration of the workshop will be of 16 hours (2 days) which includes both theory and practical sessions.