433MHz RF Transmitter & Receiver Board

This is an 433 MHz RF Transmitter-receiver pair with encoder and decoder IC. The pair consists of two modules.

Transmitter module: The transmitter part consists of an RF transmitter and an HT12E IC connected to it. This module has 2x5 male pins. Through which Microcontroller can give data to it. An 8-pin DIP switch is there for address selection.

Receiver module: The receiver part consists of an RF receiver and an HT12D IC connected to it. There is a 8-pin DIP switch for address selection in this module too. To connect the transmitter module with the Receiver module, the position of the DIP switches of two modules must be same( Both Address should be same). 

The package contains following materials:-


  • RF RX-TX Board Pair-1pc

Project Codes & Circuit Diagrams

  • 433MHz RF Interfacing with ATmega16
  • 433MHz RF Interfacing with ATmega32

Softwares, Installation Guides, User Guides

  • Atmel Studio 6
  • SinaProg
  • USBasp driver(for Window XP, Vista , 7 and 8)

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