Robot V 4.1

The robot comprise of a fiber chassis having dimension 16cmX10cm, two 100 RPM BO motors with 4 pin connector, two 70mm BO Wheels, a 13mm castor wheel and an IR Sensor mounting support. The robot is best for making line follower robot. But by removing the IR Sensor mounting support, we can use this robot for making obstacle avoider robot, hand gesture controlled robot and etc.


  • Fiber Chassis with Dimension : 16cmX10cm
  • BO Motor : 100 RPM
  • BO Wheels : 70mm
  • 13mm Metal Castor Wheel
  • IR Sensor Mounting Support 

The Robot V 4.1 package contains following materials:-


  • 16X10 Fiber Chassis-1pc
  • 100 RPM BO Motor-2pc 
  • 70mm BO Wheels -2pc
  • 13mm Metal Castor Wheel-1pc
  • IR Sensor Mounting Support-1pc

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