Robot V 4.0

The robot comprise of a fiber chassis having dimension 16cmX10cm, two 100 RPM BO motors with 4 pin connector, two 70mm BO Wheels and a 13mm castor wheel. The robot is best for making different robotics projects like line follower robot, obstacle avoider robot, hand gesture controlled robot and etc.


  • Fiber Chassis with Dimension : 16cmX10cm
  • BO Motor : 100 RPM
  • BO Wheels : 70mm
  • 13mm Metal Castor Wheel

The Robot V 4.0 package contains following materials:-


    • 16cmX10cm Fiber Chassis-1pc
    • 100 RPM BO Motor-2pcs
    • 70mm BO Wheel-2pcs
    • 13mm Castor Wheel-1pc
    • 4 Pin Connector Soldered to BO Motors.

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