Quad Triac Driver

For switching high voltage AC circuits with low power DC control signals, solid state triacs have significant advantages over mechanical relay technology. Relays are relatively slow and the contacts have a short life span. Triacs switch very fast with no contact arcing.

The Quad Triac Switch Board galvanically isolates the input signals from the outputs with four optocouplers. Because the inputs are controlled by current instead of voltage, they are less sensitive to interference, so the triac board may be mounted near the load and relatively far from the control circuit.


  • 4 Triac outputs
  • inputs galvanically isolated from outputs by optocouplers
  • LED indicators are provided


  • output load: 24V to 240VAC, 0.5A uncooled (4A if cooled)
  • input control current: 10ma to 20ma DC

The package contains following materials:-


  • Quad Relay Drive- 1pc

Project Codes & Circuit Diagrams

  • BT136 Triac Interfacing with ATmega16
  • BT136 Triac Interfacing with ATmega32

Softwares, Installation Guides, User Guides

  • Atmel Studio 6
  • SinaProg
  • USBasp driver(for Window XP, Vista , 7 and 8)

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