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Image2GLCD User Guide

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Image2GLCD is the software which is used to convert any image or picture to its bit map format in different bit alignment and resolutions. The software gives a c file and a header file as output. The c file contains the bit map values of the image or picture that we want to display. This bit map values are used to display the intended picture in different Graphical LCD.


Support JPG, GIF, BMP, PNG file format
Adjust Threshold value for converting grayscale to black and white
Invert black and white image
Selectable LCD size
Selectable Bit, Byte alignment
Data save to .c and .h

Generating Bit Map

Installation Process

The step-by-step Installation Process for Image2GLCD User Guide is as follows:

  • Open the Image2GLCD software by Double Clicking the Image2GLCD icon. This opens the Image2GLCD window which is shown in the below picture.:

  • Click the “Open” button and select the image file which you want to display in the graphical LCD. Then, select the “LSB to MSB TOP to Bottom” from the Bit and Byte Alignment drop down and Select the Graphical LCD size (128X64 or 64X64 or any other). Below:

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