Robot V 2.3


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The Robot comprises of a Small Metal chassis having dimension 19.5cmX10.0cm, four 12V 150 RPM Center Shaft DC Geared Motor, four 7X4 Wheel. The Robot is best for making different Robotics projects like line follower Robot, obstacle avoider Robot, hand gesture controlled Robot and etc.


  • Metal Chassis with Diemnsion:19.5cmX10.0cm
  • 12V Center Shaft DC Geared Motor : 150 RPM
  • Wheels : 7X4

The Robot V 2.3 package contains following materials:-


  •  19.5cmX10.0cm Small Metal  Chassis-1pc
  • 12V 150 RPM Center Shaft DC Geared Motor-4pcs
  • 7X4 Wheel-4pcs

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