500RPM 12V DC Geared Motor


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500 RPM 12V DC Geared Motor is high quality low cost DC geared motor. It has steel gears and pinions to ensure longer life and better wear and tear properties. The gears are fixed on hardened steel spindles polished to a mirror finish. The output shaft rotates in a plastic bushing. The whole assembly is covered with a plastic ring. Gearbox is sealed and lubricated with lithium grease and require no maintenance. The motor is screwed to the gear box from inside.Although motor gives 500 RPM at 12V but motor runs smoothly from 4V to 12V and gives wide range of RPM, and torque.


  • DC supply: 4 to 12V
  • RPM: 500 at 12V
  • No Load Curent: 50mA at 12V
  • Load Current = 300mA(max) at 12V
  • Torque: 5kg-cm at 12V
  • Total length: 46mm
  • Motor diameter: 36mm
  • Motor length: 25mm
  • Brush type: Precious metal
  • Gear head diameter: 37mm
  • Gear head length: 21mm
  • Output shaft: Centred
  • Shaft diameter: 6mm
  • Shaft length: 22mm
  • Gear assembly: Spur
  • Motor weight: 100gms

1 piece of 500RPM 12V DC Geared Motor.

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