Voice Recording Module


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"WTV-SR recording IC" is one of the member of recording serial products created by Guangzhou waytronic .This module can record as well as fixed voice playback, recording content uploaded and a variety of control modes can be chose. With the master chip and plug-in SPI FLASH , it has a great advantage in the duration time of recording and cost performance.Flexible supply (can either supply module, or supply solution), is a effective recording solution. 


  • Up to 7 kinds of operation modes : MP3 mode, one on one key mode, parallel mode, 
  • one record one play key mode , e-book mode, two-wire serial mode and three-wire serial mode
  • Support MIC and LINE recording;
  • Support upload and download voice via USB;
  • Support playback the high-quality voice downloaded from computer
  • Can record up to 252 segment voice (including fixed voice);
  • With power-down save data function
  • 8 degrees controllable volume;
  • Operating voltage: DC2.6 ~ 3.6V, sleep current :10uA (typical).
  • Module package: DIP28, define, reference value: 18.30mm * 36.00mm etc 


The module can be used in telephone recording systems, answering machine, automatic response system of telephone exchange, learning machine, fun toys, personalized gifts and other products.

1 Piece of Voice Recording Module.

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