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AVR Studio 4 Project Guide

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  AVR Studio 4 Project Guide

Installation Process

The step-by-step Installation Process for AVR Studio 4 Project Guide is as follows:

  • To start making AVR microcontroller based projects/applications, Start the AVR Studio 4 from “Start/All Programs/Atmel AVR Tools”. When the AVR Studio 4 opens, a dialog box opens which is called ”Welcome to AVR Studio 4”. The below figure shows the dialog:

  • Keep the “Show dialog at startup” check box Checked to open this dialog box each time AVR Studio 4 starts .To start a new project, Click the “New Project” button. The below picture shows the next dialog box.:

  • " Select the “AVR GCC” in Project type pane to make the project in C language. Keep the “Create initial file” and “Create folder” boxes Checked. This will create a folder with the project name for each project and will store all the files related to the p:

  • Now, Click “Next” to move to the next step. The below picture shows the next dialog box.:

  • Select the “AVR Simulator” in the Debug platform pane to select AVR simulator as the debugger. In the Device pane, Select the device (microcontroller) for which you are making the project. Example – ATmega16. The below picture shows the dialog box with a:

  • Finally, Click the “Finish” button to finish the new project settings. This opens AVR Studio 4 IDE window which is shown in the below picture.:

  • " In AVR Studio 4 Window, there are four panes. In the extreme left, AVR GCC pane, which shows all the source files, header files and other files that are included in the current project. The middle pane is Editor pane where the actual code is written. :

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